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A buyer’s guide for the best tar remover for cars

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One of the best tar removers for car paint

A buyer’s guide for the best tar remover for cars

You might be wondering where the ugly tar spots invading your car exterior come from. They mostly come from asphalt on new road works and potholes. The traction of your car tires throws up the bitumen particles and since they are oil based, they stick on the lower parts of the car such as the doors, fenders, hood, grill, and sometimes reaching the windows.

With time, the spots dry and bake into the car finish making them hard to get rid of.

The fact is that you can avoid road tar wherever you drive, and the solution is getting the best tar remover for cars. This is product made of anti-adhesive polymers that immediately emulsify the oil in tar making it easy to wash off.

Here are some of the factors to consider when you are buying a car tar remover.


While ordinary car wash soaps are just detergents, a car tar cleaner is made of polymer formula or chemical solvents that react with the oil based asphalt spots making them easy to rinse off.

That’s why the remover works best in spot cleaning through spraying but it can also be added to the normal washing solution.

Non-drip formula

The tar remover is chemical based and therefore, it may not be safe for some car surfaces such as plastic and delicate glass, as it may corrode them.

The tar remover should therefore be non-drip so that it doesn’t unintentionally leak onto these surfaces as you try to spray onto your target spots.


The product packaging should be easy for you to spot treat, since this is the easiest way to clean off stubborn tar and bug spots that remain after normal washing.

Thus you may wish to go for a remover packaged in spray bottle or that has a spray nozzle or cap. This saves you the need to carry an extra bucket especially when you are on road travel.

Multiple use

If you must have a cleaner for each kind of dirt in and on your car, then you will have to spend more yet experience the stress of carrying bulky and weighty wash products.

Thus the cleaner should preferably be multiuse, such that besides tar, it can clean bugs, tree sap and even the vehicle interior.

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